Top In-Demand & Booming Jobs in the Philippines


Are you daydreaming about your future career? But, how sure are you that the job you are imagining at the moment will still be in-demand five to six years from now? Don’t worry! Thanks to analysts who can predict industry trends. Here are some of the predicted in-demand jobs in the future.



Data Scientist

Have you ever noticed that after watching a particular clip on YouTube, your "Recommended" section starts showing similar content or related videos? The same thing happens when you’re browsing on Lazada or Shopee. How do they seem to know? That’s where data science comes in.

Collects and analyzes information to come up with solutions that help improve, sell, and reach the business goals.


BS Retail Technology and Consumer Science, BS Business Administration, Associate in Retail Technology



App Development Analyst/App Developer

How do your favorite apps come into life? It’s all because of software engineers, app developers, and software analysts who develop, test, support, maintain, and troubleshoot computer-based applications.

Designs, develops, codes, and tests programs and applications.


BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science, BS Information Systems



Back-End Developer

If you are curious on how all the information you keyed-in on a website are being managed, ask a Back-End Developer. Why? Because the back-end developer manages the server and database where the data is stored.

Heavily involved in the entire lifecycle and development of the application, particularly on coding and debugging.


BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science, BS Information Systems




IT Consultant

They act as technology consultants who handle all sorts of IT needs and problems that a business may have.

Sets up IT systems and infrastructure of a company which includes diagnosing IT issues, inefficiencies, and security threats, among others.


BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science, BS Information Systems, BS Computer Engineering



Full-Stack Engineer

The word "full stack" in IT means "complete." Thus, a full stack engineer is someone who is an expert in both front-end and back-end coding and development.

Uses front-end and back-end coding skills to design, develop, and create functionality on websites and applications.


BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science, BS Information Systems, BS Computer Engineering



Sales Development Specialist

They are not the typical "sales" people who are focused on closing deals, instead they are more into generating and pushing “leads” or potential customers using various tool and platforms.

Connects with leads or potential customers, asks their problems, then positions a product or service that addresses the customer’s problem.


BS Business Administration, BA Communication




Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialists create and manage all aspects of the marketing strategy to make products sell like hotcakes.

Creates, implements, tracks, improves, and executes marketing campaigns across various markets.


BS Business Administration, BA Communication





The go-to person to manage all financial transactions and reports of a company.

Manages everything that relates to a company’s financials from analyzing, compiling, and reporting financial data, among others.


BS Accountancy, BS Management Accounting, BS Accounting Information System



Whether you are 100% sure about your career option or still pondering about it, knowing what lies ahead can set the right expectations and prepare yourselves. Keep on reading, do some research, explore what’s in or out, and use them as you make a very important decision of your life.

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