What's the Best Senior High Track for Me?

Planning your career as early as junior high school can be a tricky task to make. Nevertheless, mindfully choosing your program for senior high school will be beneficial as it will make the two additional years a step towards your dream career and not just an extra time spent in school. Get the most out of your studies by making sure that you choose the right program.

You might get confused with the multiple program choices, though. Besides looking at the job opportunities offered by each strand, you must consider your own passion and interests too. If you’re not yet sure with your decision, evaluating yourself will help you know the program that matches your personality.

Now, let us guide you in choosing the right program for senior high school. Pick the character that best describes you and we will tell what senior high track suits you.



The Empire Builder

Are you the leader of the group? Do you have product ideas in mind? If you’re one who enjoys negotiating with people, go for Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) track. Here you will learn to develop marketing plans and programs if you plan to create your own business soon.




The Machinesmith

Solving math formulas are a piece of cake for you. Conducting experiments out of curiosity and doing simple repairs are some activities that you enjoy. Take the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) track. From doing research to making your first invention, gain a solid background in these disciplines to contribute in solving problems in various contexts.


The Statesman

Courageous and always willing to help people solve their problems. You regularly check out art exhibits and book sales and you definitely love poetry. Other interests include watching and joining debates and someday you want to create a film. Pursue the Humanities and Social Science (HUMSS) track. Deepen your understanding of humanity and learn how you can make a difference in local and global communities by studying a liberal arts program.



The Free Spirit

Always out and about in search of the best places to be? Go for Tourism Operations track. Get an introduction to the procedures and systems involved in travel and tour arrangements in the program.


The Gourmet Spector

Passionate about cooking and preparing food. You like to hack the recipes from cooking shows and you’re an avid viewer of food videos from the net. Explore the Culinary Arts track. Discover the art and science behind food preparation that plays a major role in landing a career in the foodservice industry.



The Cyber Genius

The go-to person to fix dysfunctional gadgets. You enjoy playing games and someday you want to create one. You also like to be updated with the latest tech trends. Take the IT in Mobile App and Web Development track. Learn the basic concepts and languages of programming used in building mobile and web apps in the IT program.



The Modern Artisan

Art is in your heart. You like to discover digital art styles and experiment with editing apps. Maintaining an aesthetic IG feed is not a hard task for you too. Pursue the Digital Arts track. Sharpen your skills in creating digital content by integrating your creativity with knowledge in editing software.


Get the best senior high school experience by choosing the right program for you. Didn’t find your match? Learn more about all your senior high program options here or visit your preferred STI campus.