Know Your Best Senior High Track or College Course

If you are an incoming Senior High or College student, you probably still don’t know what track or course to pursue in the next chapter of your life. Some of you are maybe unsure if what you have in mind is the right one.

Without a doubt, choosing the right track or course is not an easy task. However, don’t worry. You are not alone in this journey. As long as you take a step each day to figure out your true calling, everything will fall into place.

So to help you out, here are the top 5 steps:


1. Find your passion.

First, you must know yourself. What do you find interesting? What are the things you enjoy the most? In other words, what are your dreams and passions?

Knowing what keeps you excited to learn and do more will go a long way in helping you further improve yourself and in determining your next steps. After all, the time you spend in school or college is your time to work on getting closer to your dreams.

If you still have not found your passion, that's alright. You can then consider other factors in choosing the right track and course. 


2. Discover where your talents lie.

Anyone thrives in doing what they do best. Consider your hobbies or skills that you've built up in the past. What can you see yourself doing 5 years from now? What kind of job will you never get tired of doing over and over again? 

There may be times when your interests and your talents are not exactly aligned, but don't fret. You can pursue both! Just join club activities and student organizations that are aligned to your interests. In doing so, you will continue to grow into a more well-rounded person. 

Still puzzled and unsure? The next step should help you out.


3. Research, research, and research.

Learning about the trends and demands in the job market will help you in deciding the right program. What are the emerging job roles? What are the high paying jobs right now? Which industry is going to grow even bigger when you graduate?

Let those key information guide you in planning your career path as early as now. 

There is a wide range of courses available in senior high and college for you to choose from. So do your homework and read through the brochures, prospectus, and program descriptions on the school websites. Getting the right information will be your ticket to choosing the right course.


 4. Ask for advice.

Do not be afraid to ask your friends and family members for advice. You can ask them "What am I good at? What kind of work do you see me doing?" They should be able to give you answers that you may not have thought of before. 

It's always good to gain a new perspective especially when it comes to making an important decision like your track or course in school. You can also approach your school's guidance counselor and open up about your thoughts regarding your future. 


5. Take a peek at your future!

To help you in your decision making, STI has a unique tool called Student’s Career Opportunity & Personality Evaluator or SCOPE which provides students with a comprehensive report on their best career options within 30 minutes. Incoming senior high school or college students may take the SCOPE for free!

Visit your preferred STI campus now to take the SCOPE.