Different Classmates You Will Meet

School life can be really challenging. There are lessons that need to be studied and deadlines that need to be met. Thankfully, we have those interesting and lovable classmates who make online learning even more fun!


The Grade Conscious

The one who is always on time and participative in class.


The Reconnecting

Despite lagging all the time, this student can still nail online learning.


The No Face

Shy type? Yes. The camera of this student is either always turned off or unfocused.


The Fashion Guru

This individual attends an online class wearing a head-turning OOTD.


The Tribute

This person usually gets interrupted in class to run an errand.


The Mukbanger

This person’s day is not complete without snacking during online classes.


The Doble Kara

The one who looks presentable in front of the camera but is actually wearing "pambahay" down under.


The Just Woke Up

This student literally just woke up and attended a class.