5 Declining Jobs You Need to Know


As technological advancements continue to affect the labor market, being knowledgeable about the declining jobs is essential to make the right choice for your future. To help you in choosing the right track or course, listed below are five jobs that are being displaced by new technologies according to the World Economic Forum.


Data Entry Clerks

As technology advances, the need for a person to translate, manipulate, and transfer data is continuously decreasing as the said activities can now be done automatically. If you are considering this line of work, think about expanding your skill set. By having more than one string to your bow, you can ensure that you remain employable as time goes by.


Administrative and Executive Secretaries

Nowadays, technology allows employees to prepare and file their own documents without the assistance of secretaries. Managers now perform tasks that are usually done by secretaries such as scheduling their own meetings. With this, the need for these jobs is consistently declining.


Payroll Clerks

Known for job responsibilities to collect timekeeping information, incorporate a variety of deductions into a periodic payroll, and issue pay to employees, the said job is slowly diminishing due to the technological advancement that automates and simplifies its duties.


Client Information and Customer Service Workers

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology affects this line of work. Now that a chatbot, a computer program that stimulates human conversation through voice commands or text chats, is present, the need for client information and customer service workers is decreasing. At present, chatbots act as customer service officers.


Material-Recording and Stock-Keeping Clerks

The need for employees who keep records of items shipped, received, and transferred to another location as well as check inventory records for accuracy is also expected to continuously decline due to new technologies.



To help you in your decision-making process, it is also essential to know about the emerging jobs such as Data Analysts and Scientists, AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Big Data Specialists, Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists, and Process Automation Specialists to ensure that you are prepared for future opportunities.


How good is your spelling and grammar?

Select the right answer in each item.

Spell it right.

  1. I feel a little ( embarrassed | embarrassed ).
  2. Can you ( acomodate | accommodate ) 3 people?
  3. It takes ( an | a ) hour.
  4. ( Who’s | Whose ) next in line?
  5. To ( who | whom ) it may concern
  6. There’s ( alot | a lot ) to be done.

What’s another word for…

  1. Quoting or referencing a document?
    ( SITE | CITE| SIGHT )
  2. A praise?
  3. Going to the next step in a process?
  4. Being careful?

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Correct answers: 1. Embarrassed 2. Accommodate 3. An 4. Who’s 5. Whom 6. A lot 7. Cite 8. Compliment 9. Proceed 10. Thorough