How to Go Pro!


The world of business and trade is not just all about the knowledge and skills you learn from school – it also entails having the right attitude. While the environment and culture may be different in the workplace, displaying a professional behavior in any given situation is expected all the same. Your teachers call it “having proper etiquettes” and you can start exercising it as early as now. Here are some of the basics that you can practice at school which you’ll find very useful once you’ve stepped on the world of work.

No to Chatter Hecklers


To interrupt a person while they are doing whatever business they have is downright rude. It is considered disrespectful of their time and space. This also applies to when they are in a conversation with someone else or even you! If they are still talking about something, let them finish first before you reply. If it is imperative for you to interrupt because of something important, then excuse yourself first before inserting something into the conversation.

Pump up Ideas

Each member’s ideas, skills, and knowledge matter a lot. Don’t say “Ikaw na” or “Ang dami mong alam!” when someone from the group shares something insightful or substantial. This form of smart-shaming will discourage a person’s potential to contribute original and critical thoughts. Instead, listen and reply with something as constructive, and ask questions if there is something you don’t understand. Look it up if you have to. This is also a great form of professional communication and personal development as it triggers your curiosity when you encounter something unfamiliar to you.

Be There on the Clock!

Setting a schedule is important – it ensures that everyone can make it to the important meeting on an allotted time and accomplish your objectives. When someone is late, not only does it show little regard to everyone else’s time, but it will cause unnecessary delays to your group. The earlier you can start, the sooner you can finish and get more things done!

You are How You Dress

The way you present yourself reflects the way you want people to perceive you. This is why dressing appropriately is a must when attending certain occasions. When you wear your complete uniform at school, make sure it’s clean and well-pressed. This will create an impression that you’re smart, sharp, and responsible.

Lend a Hand

In order for a group to function, certain responsibilities will be assigned to each member. However, depending on the weight of the tasks, some of them may need one or two more people to avoid delays. If you are done with everything on your plate and have the time to do more, step up and help your challenged friends. The more people working on a task, the faster it will finish and the better the results will be. After all, what is teamwork for?

Tittle-tattle is a Hassle

Talking about other people’s lives behind their backs is impolite and offensive. Stick to your own business and let others stick to theirs. If you have something to say, make it nice. It will define how people will regard you as an individual. You have other matters to spend your time with,
so spend it wisely!

Own up to your Blunders

It is natural for people to immediately defend themselves by denying their mistakes, but it is more admirable for people to admit their own shortcomings. Admitting will help everyone involved in the group, including yourself, to identify the real problems and find solutions to them. Remember how your groupmate was not able to finish his part for an important paper, but his denial made you miss the deadline? Had your group known beforehand, then something could have been done about it the soonest. When you’re part of a company, progress is very important, so in order to move forward, honesty is the best policy.

You're the Best

The last rule, and possibly the most important of all, is to be the best version of yourself. Act and behave how you want others to see you. Soon, your positive vibes will affect others, and they will start following you as their role model.


Start practicing these as early as now on how to handle your problems, actions, and words professionally. Not only will it boost your self-confidence, but also makes you a reliable, responsible, and an outstanding individual.